Our Congregation in Zagreb is a part of the Reformed Church in Croatia. It was organized by the approval of the Synod in 1999. Since that time the pastor has been the Rev. Branimir Bučanović.

Our Vision is to inspire spiritual renewal for those seeking the Truth, and those being called to His Kingdom – that is the Church! We also desire to: build up, develop, and strengthen believers in the Truth of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Word of God. We desire to do this through the prism of Christianity grounded in the Holy Scriptures and Reformed theology and Presbyterian polity.

The Reformed Church is a historically recognized religious community due to its affiliation and contribution to the cultural and religious formation of European identity. It is the oldest religious community of the Reformation provenance (Calvinist, Lutheran and Anglican) with unbroken continuity in Croatia since the 16th century.

Our identity is derived from the 16th century Christian Reformation, which has been called Calvinism. The Churches of Reformed tradition and Presbyterian polity are present in all continents and many countries: Switzerland, the Netherlands, Hungary, Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom, Romania (Trasylvania), the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the United States of America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, China, Indonesia and South Africa. The present active membership is approximately 80 plus millions in the World, of that about 7 millions in Europe.

The Reformed Church has been present in Croatian from the 16th century till today, and first church communities were established around 1540, the first Synod was 1550. The biggest concentration today is in the Eastern part of Croatia in the region of Baranja and Eastern Slavonia. Beside the mentioned areas, through history Calvinism was also present in other parts of Croatia, especially in the regions of Međimurje and Varaždin, the central part of Croatia and in other places.

The destiny of Protestants (Calvinist and Lutherans) in Croatian was determined by the Counter-Reformation since the second half of the 16th century. The law in 1604 prohibited of religious freedom, and enforced assimilation of Protestants. The Edict of Tolerance by Joseph II in 1781 guaranteed limited freedom of conscience to Protestants, Croatian Parliament confirmed that 1859. During the Yugoslav Communist oppression and repression (1945-1991) many of reformed congregations has been destroyed, more than 10 schools stolen by Yugoslav Communist and Church suffer a great deal of destructions. During terrorist attacks from Yugoslav Communist and Serbian regime under Slobodan Milošević (1991-1994) about 50 percent of our congregations has been attacked, looted and destroyed, and many believers displaced. With help of Croatian Government, and friends from USA, and Europe most of the church buildings has been renovated.

On the national level church communities have been united in the Synod inside Synod-Presbyterian polity under the coordination of the Synod Council led by a Bishop (Moderator) and a Lay Elder, they are elected for a mandate of six years. The church communities have elected and appointed the pastor and elders that are responsible for leading each congregation. The church communities united constitute the Church. These days there are 23 congregations, 12 pastors, cc 50 elders, with cc 4000 baptized believers.

The full name of the Church is the Reformed Christian (Calvinist) Church in Croatia. Active communities are called church communities according to town where they are active. It is correct to use the abbreviated name Reformed Church.

We are always looking for believers called to join with us to build God’s Kingdom in Croatia, both long-term and short-term. Those interested should have a desire to serve and work with the national leadership and be able to integrate in a Croatian culture and learn Croatian language.

If you have any further questions or suggestions, or you would like to receive our Up Dates please contact us.

Reformed Church

Našička 20, 10110   Zagreb, Croatia, EU

tel/fax +385 1 4810 696 gsm: +385 98 304 569



—Our Weekly Schedule—


Sunday 5 PM – Worship Service

(We are offering English translation, pleas call as in advance)

Wednesday 6 PM – Bible Class

(We are offering English translation, pleas call as in advance)

Thursday 6 PM – Classes for spiritual upright & Prayer Meeting

Thursday 7PM – Exercise of Spiritual Songs






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